Centre for Policy Studies in Education

General Education for All to 18: Possibilities and Challenges

Seminar 5 of the CPSE Series on Secondary Vocational Education: What Future?

Professor Geoff Hayward, University of Leeds, School of Education

Date: 16 October 2013, 4:00 registration for 4:30 start, reception to follow
Location: Parkinson Building, Centenary Gallery

Audio Recording of the Seminar

General Education for All to 18: Possibilities and Challenges [MP3: 23MB]

The length of compulsory schooling is likely to grow with the majority of young people staying in some form of formal education until the age of 18 by 2020. This seminar series has highlighted the challenges of ensuring that all young people receive an education to the end of compulsory schooling that enables them to progress into the labour market and earn a decent wage. However, the economic evidence, reviewed in this seminar, suggests that many programmes we offer, especially so called  vocational programmes below level 3, produce little if any return in the labour market. This has led to new calls for all students to achieve English and mathematics qualifications at Level 2 before they leave formal education. This suggests that we need to think about how to provide a more general education for all young people, that can produce positive returns in the UK labour market, beyond the age of 16.

Drawing on research from across the world I will argue that this can be achieved but success depends upon pedagogy rather than curriculum structures and specification, and adopting an expansive concept of human intelligence rather than fixed ideas about ability.

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